We have dedicated ourselves to becoming land specialists with the goal of helping as many people and animals as possible.


As of 2021 we will be donating to Animal Rescue, Shelters, and other Foundations monthly, so we all can help as many animals and people together!

If you choose to work with us and would like to recommend a shelter or rescue or foundation for us to donate to, email: Support@SellLandQuick.com  Subject: Donation Suggestion

Donations have been made to the following organizations:



     01/2021                               02/2021                                     03/2021 For Dana                              04/2021 For Sue




              05/2021 For Floppy             06/2021                             07/2021 For Kasey Jo                   08/2021 Ironwood Pig Sanctuary                                           



    09/2021 For Stacey                   09/2021 For Stephanie                  10/2021 Loving Memory of TJ           11/2021 For The Coans  


                             Home Morris Animal Foundation logo light blue                                                              

   12/2021 For Breezy             01/2022 in Honor of Betty White              02/2022 For Cloud                  03/2022 For Tracy Furman


        Gail’s Pet Second Chance                                                                    

                 04/2022                                    05/2022 For Jenny Peterson                  06/2022 For the Fogals                                   07/2022                                                                            



            08/2022 For 19 Cats in the Park             09/2022 For Stacey              10/2022 Simison Family                 11/2022 For Miss Meow Surgery



12/2022 In Memory of TJ’s Birthday                    01/2023 For Paige                              02/2023                                03/2023 For Jessica  




04/2023 for Shue’s Anniversary                      05/2023 for Dana                             06/2023 for Sue                                 07/2023 for Kei



             08/2023 For Stacey                             09/2023            10/2023 for Mrs. Adams      11/2023 for Mark B.     12/2023 in Memory of Toni Herman



   12/2023 In Memory of TJ’s Birthday            01/2024               02/2024 in Memory of Piper        03/2024 in Memory of Tina H



     04/2024 Friends in Haita